Parent Accompany

At our office, parents are welcome to accompany their children into the treatment area during the initial examination and all treatment appointments. This prevents separation anxiety and allows Dr. Gonzales to discuss with you any relevant dental findings and his treatment plan for your child directly and expediently. We do ask that if you accompany your child, you assume the role of a silent observer and let Dr. Gonzales take the lead with your child. It is easier for a child to accept treatment and it limits a childís confusion, as only one person is speaking to your child and helping him/her to understand the process of pediatric dentistry. Speaking directly with your child is the best way for Dr. Gonzales to establish a relationship and rapport and build trust and cooperation from your child. There are times when a childís experience can actually be enhanced by a parentís absence. We encourage older children to come back to the treatment area by themselves because it builds confidence and independence and demonstrates trust. Older children typically do better without a parent present during more treatment based appointments, such as operative (filling) appointments. The parent and Dr. Gonzales can decide which method is best.