A dental extraction, commonly referred to as getting a tooth pulled, is one of the most common procedures performed at a dentistís office. While your dentist will first make an effort to treat your childís condition and save the tooth in question, this is not always possible. Dental extractions are often performed to relieve the pain associated with a broken tooth or significant tooth decay. Even if your child is not feeling any pain, an infection or associated condition may cause his/her pediatric dentist to recommend tooth extraction. Once your childís pediatric dentist has determined that dental extractions are necessary, Dr. Gonzales will perform an x-ray (radiographic) examination in order to further evaluate the tooth for salvage-ability. Extraction is usually performed under local anesthetic to minimize discomfort, after which the tooth is rocked back and forth and eased out of the socket. Dr. Gonzales will determine and discuss with you if your child will likely need further sedation, which carries its own risks. Pain can be associated with extractions, and Dr. Gonzales will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions on how to treat and/or minimize your childís pain.