Dental Radiographs (also known as x-rays)

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking x-rays and providing pediatric patients with exams every 6 months depending on the child’s risk of tooth decay. The higher the child’s risk of tooth decay, the more the child will need x-rays to determine whether he/she has cavities that cannot be seen visibly (e.g. between the teeth or microscopic cavities) or cavities that can be seen and need a higher degree of magnification to help the doctor know how to proceed with treatment. Once the patient is in a low or normal risk category for caries, most pediatric dentists will prescribe x-rays once a year. Radiographs are an essential tool used by dentists to diagnose your child’s oral health, and they can tell a dentist much more about your child’s health; they are used to evaluate your child’s jaw health, bone health, recovery after trauma, and help Dr. Gonzales to develop a treatment plan for your child. Dr. Gonzales will always weigh the pros and cons of taking additional x-rays and prescribe them when and if needed and use all standard precautions that are required to minimize radiation exposure. X-rays become less and less dangerous as our technologies get better and better, especially with digital systems.