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Athletic Mouthguards

For many families, sports offer children a chance to exercise, engage in healthy competition, and have fun with their friends. Like everything else in life, competitive sports come with the risk of various injuries. Contact sports especially, can threaten the health and strength of your athlete’s smile. At Pediatrics on Park we create perfectly fitting athletic mouthguards. 

The right sports mouth guard can keep your child athlete smiling on and off the field. Are you unsure about whether your child athlete needs a mouth guard? It usually depends on the sports that he or she participates in, however some sports, like lacrosse and hockey, require mouthguards. Let’s keep in mind that just because a sport doesn’t require a mouthguard, it doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial for your child.

We encourage kids to participate in a wide range of activities and sports. Our team wholeheartedly cares about your child’s wellbeing and sports are a great way to keep kids active. But protecting your child shouldn’t be up for debate. cAthletic mouthguards are a wise choice for many sports. Our Pediatrics on Park dental experts recommend that your child wear a mouthguard for:


  • Baseball, and softball
  • Cycling 
  • Horseback riding 
  • Skateboarding
  • Boxing and martial arts
  • Football, rugby, and soccer
  • Waterskiing
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Rollerblading


With the use of our iTerro technology we are able to fit and craft ideal fitting mouthguards for your champion athlete. Alternative mouthguards fall short in comfortability and overall fit. This can cause your child to constantly focus on the discomfort during gametime or worse they can elect to stop using protection altogether. 

At Pediatrics on Park we want to make sure your star athlete is protected. If you find potential threats to your child’s smile that could occur during game play, you might want to consider an athletic mouthguard. Contact us today to get your child fitted for their custom athletic mouthguard.

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