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Pediatrics Dentistry | Orthodontics

2603 Park Ave., South Plainfield, NJ 07080 CALL US TODAY! 908-291-8600

Digital X-Rays & Scans

The Pediatrics on Park team regularly captures digital x-rays and scans in order to detect early tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses and abnormal growths in your child’s mouth. We serve South Plainfield, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas with the highest-quality pediatric dental care.

Dental scans and x-rays have played a pivotal role in preventing unnecessary suffering and has saved countless of children’s teeth. Today’s ever changing technology has made digital x-rays and scans safer than ever before. At our Pediatrics on Park office, we use the latest all-digital radiography to achieve the highest-quality x-rays, while minimizing radiation exposure to your child. 

We Put Your Child’s Safety First

While even traditional dental x-rays are considered safe, our Pediatrics on Park dentists take every measure possible to keep every child safe. State regulations set exposure limits, and we will never exceed them. Our experienced team is fully trained to use all of our equipment properly. We take our safety precautions seriously. Your child will be provided with a lead shield or bib for additional protection.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays/Scans

Aside from minimizing radiation exposure, digital x-rays and scans provide numerous advantages for your child’s smile:

  • No chemical processing and no waiting
  • We get a clearer picture
  • It is non-invasive and gentle
  • Allows for early detection of potential dental issues


X-ray imaging allows our team to prevent problems by addressing the cause early. Digital x-rays and scans can detect jaw and tooth abnormalities, tooth decay, and they offer a snapshot of your child’s dental history. For your child, they can also show incoming teeth that may cause a problem in their near future, and we can make extraction plans to avoid them. 

Be proactive and contact us today to schedule your child’s visit. The caring and empathetic team at Pediatrics on Park can’t wait to meet you and your children. Our pediatric dentists are ready to serve families in Plainfield, Dunellen, Middlesex, Garwood, Rahway, Scotch Plains, and the surrounding communities.

Pediatrics on Park is a pediatric dentist office serving infants children and teens in South Plainfield, NJ and the surrounding cities of Edison, Metuchen, Piscataway, NJ.

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